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Religious Institutions

We offer specialized lists that will help 'get the word out' to households in the neighborhoods near the church or synagogue.

Religious Institutions

An example direct mail campaign to boost attendance to an annual Easter Service could consist of:

- Young Families

- Neighborhoods & Households Near the Church

- Newly Moved to the Area

An example ongoing direct mail campaign to welcome new movers to the area and invite them to church:

- Newly Moved the Area

- Any age-group

Case Studies

Dirmark USA, Inc, worked with a startup church in a large metro area since the very beginning. We provided a list of all households within 5 miles of their location when they opened. As the church grew we switched them to people moving into their area. That way everyone living close to the church or moving into their area was made aware of their location. We also target mailings for them when planning a children’s event, a young adult event or a senior event. They mail approx. 14 times per year and are growing every week.


“I have worked with Dirmark on and off for several years now, but most recently as we launched our new church, Hope City United. Dirmark has provided us with great insight into our unique market and continues to offer a great list and great service. I would recommend Dirmark for any list needs, especially in the small business or non-profit market.”  Trent Cory – Recording Artist and Pastor of Hope City United-Albany GA